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  • Sebastian Pfautsch

Soil moisture sensors are go!

Updated: May 20, 2022

11 May 2022.

While the wet weather continues, so does the work to get the LoRaWAN sensors distributed and installed across the park. The plan is to install 50 above-ground microclimate sensors that measure air temperature and relative humidity, and 200 below-ground soil sensors that measure soil moisture levels and temperature. For the soil moisture sensors, we are using a range of techniques to ensure the devices can be relocated once buried. During deployment of these sensors the utilisation of Real Time Kinetics GPS for an accurate flix of the position (min. 10 satellites) is conducted, coupled with a triangulation methodology based on the location of sprinkler heads and water trajectory. In addition to recording an accurate position in space, we also use a larger valve box over the top of the sensors that can be more easily detectable in the ground and ensure that the sensor can be retrieved undamaged. So far, we have more than 120 sensors in the ground, and they all provide strong signals through the sodden and often loamy soil. Great start!

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