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The Science

Have a look through these articles to discover the science behind the many moving parts of the SIMPaCT project - from environmental science to AI and machine learning. 

Image by Markus Spiske

As experienced explorers of the far reaches of technology, the team at SAPHI have some unique insights into the potential impacts of specific innovations on an economy. One particular technology frequently used by SAPHI is machine learning. Ostensibly, this appears to be an impossibly complex subject, only accessible to those with a computer engineering degree; however, this article attempts to break it into simpler terms. >>

Image by bert b

Your mobile phone, your car, streetlights and even your fridge! There isn’t much out there that doesn’t fall under the umbrella of IoT. But, with its widespread influence, the question for many of us arises “what is IoT?”.


In this article, we tackle this complex topic and break it down into plain English, providing real-life examples of its utilisation in our lives. >>

Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park

You may have heard or read something about the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect. But have you come across the Park Cool Island (PCI) effect? Both effects are described in the scientific literature. SIMPaCT is maximising the PCI effect of Bicentennial Park in Sydney. Here is the explanation of how it works. >>

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